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DATA INTEGRITY – Our customers depend greatly on the accuracy of the data we provide, it is the cornerstone of our reputation.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE – Our customers expect reliability and consistency from us. It’s all about thousands of details and managing those details with excellence.

SAFETY – Our staff are WIS International. We need to take care of our most important asset, workplace and transportation safety are paramount.

CUSTOMER RESPONSIVENESS – Our customers have options. We believe in responding to our customers in a way that leaves them with unforgettably positive memories.

PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT – Continued learning and development of all of our staff is critical to our success and growth. Sharing best practices and team learning are strongly encouraged. Recognition of effort and growth as we promote from within is core to us.
CREATIVE INNOVATION – Creativity is the lifeline of growth and personal development. We believe in creating an environment where our staff are challenged and supported in taking measured risks. Living your dreams takes courage.

BREVITY AND CLARITY IN COMMUNICATION – Communication is abundant. Clarity and brevity in communication reduces volume and dramatically increases comprehension.

PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION – We all have a role to play. We all need to think in terms of our contribution to the team. How have we made WIS International a better place to be? What is our legacy at WIS International?

LEADING EDGE TECHNOLOGY – We believe in having the best software and hardware in the industry thereby providing our staff with the best tools to enable them to perform at exceptional levels.

PAYMENT FOR PERFORMANCE – We believe in rewarding our staff directly for their contribution by linking compensation to their specific performance.