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Four Tips for a Better Warehouse Inventory

Global competition, ongoing business transformation, and the increased leadtimes/
complexity of global supply chains are creating a situation where pipeline inventory
and landed costs per unit handled have increased dramatically.  With these increased costs, gaining an accurate picture of your warehouse inventory is more important than ever before.

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Benefits of Library Inventories

Libraries provide a wealth of information for their patrons, ranging from books and DVDs to Internet access.  One of the main challenges faced by libraries is keeping track of their holdings.  Maintaining an accurate account of these holdings helps to ensure that your catalog is up to date and that you have the correct amount of items to meet demand.

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Best Practices in Medical Supply Inventories

We conducted a survey of hospitals about their medical supply inventory to establish new and validate existing best practices in these inventory processes.  With more than 100 respondents from nationwide hospitals, it was a valuable step toward benchmarking best practices in medical supply inventory processes.  

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