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Space Optimization Project Snapshots

Space Optimization Project Snapshots

Nationwide Dollar Store Retailer

For this space optimization project, WIS International mapped approximately 600 stores that the retailer identified as stores that were going to undergo a remodel.  There was a limited amount of lead time and an approximately 70-day window to accomplish the entire scope of work.

Specific merchandise information was not required because it was anticipated to change during and after the remodel.  Key success factors that the customer was looking to obtain accurately and timely from us, were building elements including walls, doors, pillars, windows and fixtures.  It was critical that we deliver so that the retailer could move forward to meet their remodel schedule demands.

Nationwide Hardware Retailer

Prior to WIS International providing space mapping services, the corporate offices of this hardware retailer had categorized their stores four ways based upon the amount of information that they believed to have on file about them.

For this project, we were asked to collect and report on the 250 stores with the least amount of recorded information.  Even though this project required each store be drawn from scratch, our teams performed the collection process across the US in just under six weeks.  Upon completion, we drew the stores, placed the fixtures and scanned merchandise to give the retailer a complete picture of each of their 250 stores.