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WIS International has more than 58 years of experience including innovation of our own proprietary technology, a skilled workforce of over 15,000 employees, 225 offices providing services to 4,500 clients worldwide.  So whether it is physical inventory counting, retail merchandising, space optimization or a custom tailored service — WIS International will design a program that meets your individual needs.

Full Service Inventory

Full Service Inventory

Our trained, direct employees provide the inventory expertise so that your employees can concentrate on running the business, not counting inventory.  You will benefit from our attention to detail, audit trail and customized process. 

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Warehouse & Logistics

Fixed Assets


Our Self-Service Inventory

Self-Service Inventory

We provide one of our seasoned inventory supervisors, our industry leading, reliable equipment and partner with your knowledgeable staff for the maximum benefit of innovative technology, knowledge and expertise

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Partnered Inventories

Staffing Solutions

Accuracy Audits

Equipment Rental

Our Retail Merchandising Service

Retail Merchandising

Merchandising specialists can be quickly deployed on a national basis to perform a wide variety of projects for your business.  From new store set-up, product resets, remodels, compliance audits to a nationwide recall, we have experienced teams that reduce overall costs.

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Product Placement

Planogram Maintenance

Compliance Audits

Product Recalls

Our Space Optimization Services

Space Optimization

Accurate data on current store configurations is a necessity to effectively perform retail analytics and automate store planning, but often a challenge to capture.  Our unique solution provides total access to current store conditions and configurations allowing you plan how to maximize sales and profit per square foot.

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Space Mapping



Space Planning